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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Its about time we got a raunchy and dirty movie about people getting revenge this year. I have heard great things about the books, but I wanted to see the movies first before I read the books. This movie follows Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) who is hired by a wealthy man, Henrik Vanger, (played by Christopher Plummer) to solve the mystery of who killed his Henrik’s sister 30 years prior. Mikael moves into Vanger’s guest house and hires an emotionally damaged research assistant, Lisbeth Salander (Mara Rooney) to help him with his investigation. However, Mikael hits many roadblocks set up by Henrik’s family, who happen to all live on the same island, but none of them talk to one another. At the same time, we delve into Lisbeth’s past and her present life. We see that Lisbeth is a ward of the state because the state claims she is mentally incapable of having any type of relationship with anyone. We see that she is brutally abused by the state officials and she takes matters into her own hands to control her future.

This movie may disturb many people, but it is a great film, brilliantly acted, and beautifully shot. We get shots of crowded street, but another scene, we get a lonesome Mikael in a snowed-in cabin.

The movie has gotten great reviews from all types of media. Many people swear by the books, and others have seen the movie first and have set out to read the books. There are two other books in the series, and I know many people are looking forward to seeing the other films come to the silver screen.

Coffee, cigarettes, and bagels are part of a balanced breakfast.


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