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In this psychological thriller, Jill Conway (Amanda Seyfried) hunts down an unidentified man after her sister is abducted. Jill has an idea that the man who abducted her sister was the same man who abducted and attempted to murder her some time before. Jill goes to the cops who worked her case previously, but gets no help from them and is turned away and told that this is all in her head. She enlists the help of some acquaintances, as well as a few strangers in her 24-hour time frame to find her sister. We are kept on the edge of our seat, second guessing every interaction Jill has with strangers, janitors, new police officers, and customers in the coffee shop that she works nights at. An interesting cameo in the film is Jennifer Carpenter (she plays Deb on Dexter) who plays Jill’s coworker. There was only one thing that bothered me throughout the entire movie. Yes, this may seem trivial, but its pretty darn annoying. The actress who played the female detective (she has no outstanding contribution to the film at all) had HORRIBLE hair. Really bad. It was a hot mess, and very distracting in every scene she was in. On the flip side, I’m in love with Amanda Seyfried’s hair. Its amazing. I wish my hair could look that good when it is that long, but alas, its Hollywood hair, and cannot be duplicated in real life that well. The scenery was amazing as well, as it was shot in Portland, Oregon. I was half-expecting for a Twilight vampire to come out of nowhere because the scenery was very similar (both films were filmed in the Northwest). In all, this is a great movie. Not Oscar-worthy, but definitely not the worst movie I’ve seen (and I’ve seen A LOT of movies).

An example of hot mess hair:


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