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The Hunger Games

I just realized I never wrote a review for Hunger Games like forever ago! oops! My bad, so here it goes:

The Hunger Games is based on the best-selling series written by Suzanne Collins. This is the first movie released based on the series, and it detailed the events of the “Hunger Games” which is a country-wide competition that commemorates the sacrifices the citizens had to make after a war. Representatives from each “district” is chosen quite literally from a hat, and then has to compete in a life or death situation. The one who survives is the clear winner and is awarded with fame and fortune. In the Hunger Games we see Katniss Everdeen substitutes herself instead of her younger sister Primrose who was actually chosen.  We also witness the preparation that the reps from each district had to go through before the final conclusion of the competition. We see the obsession people in the Capitol (the fancy district of the country) and how they follow every move of the competitors on television through the Host, Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci), and the direction to the reps by Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), and Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley). 


The movie is a good movie, however, does not explain the details of life in the country prior to the war, and certain things that were explained in the book. In my opinion, the translation from Book to movie was not smooth, but it was a lesson for future installments which could be fantastic. Once it comes out on Netflix, definitely watch it. If the next installment comes out relatively soon, you will need to see this one first. 




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