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Chicago Comic Con 2012

This weekend saw the yearly Chicago installment of Wizard World’s tour of Comic cons. The celebrity guest list was huge: everyone from WWE wrestler John Cena to regular favorites like Boondock Saints cast and Lou Ferrigno, and even new to the convention Tom Felton (Draco Felton from Harry Potter) and Jon Bernthal (Shane from The Walking Dead).

As usual, there was a plethora of artists featured in Artist Alley for the comic art fans. I myself purchased another piece from Tommy Castillo (in Philly I got a headless horsewoman print…this time I got a horror depiction of Alice in Wonderland). Tommy Castillo also hosted a “Drink and Draw” activity at the Hyatt Friday Night for attendees. As I only got to Chicago on Friday evening, I noticed that Saturday was very busy, with lots of Cosplay. I saw Zombies, superheroes, villains, and a bunch adorable kids!

Speaking of kids, I’d live to give a quick shoutout to Johnny, who I tweeted a photo of on Saturday. He was a adorable little boy who loves The Walking Dead (although his mom pointed out he’s not allowed to watch the extremely gross scenes). Johnny was dress like Rick Grimes–hat and Sherriff’s outfit–and informed me he “wants to make zombie movies” when he grows up. When his mom asked him why he didn’t want to be an engineer like his uncle, his response was clear, “I want to make zombie movies because they’re cool.” He then proceeded to meet his idols from TWD, Norman Reedus and Jon Bernthal, who both thought Johnny was very adorable.

20120813-112327.jpg Johnny as Rick Grimes

There were also several panels that con goers were able to attend. Such panels included several Q&A’s with celebrity guests like Bruce Campbell, Sam Trammell, The Waking Dead (Jon Bernthal and Norman Reedus) as well as Buffy and Charmed panels.

As usual there were toy vendors, tee shirt/memorabilia vendors and comic book vendors. We also saw special local groups of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Zombie fans that boasted tables In the main entrance hall.

This was a great convention, and I even had time to go into Chicago and did a little sightseeing!!!


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