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Premium Rush

To what extent would you go for excellent customer service and a plea for help from your girlfriend’s roommate?

Well in Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon Levitt goes that extra mile (ok, a few miles) for a seemingly normal bike messenger delivery until a mysterious (and very crooked) detective (played by Michael Shannon) tries to stop him. Wilee (Joseph Gordon Levitt) plays a genius bike messenger who innocently gets involved with a smuggling scheme that goes awry because of a very crooked Detective’s gambling problem and a law-abiding Chinese immigrant. With the occasional help of fellow bike messengers, and some typical New York drivers, Wilee is able to outsmart, and out bike most of the obstacles in his way. JGL’s character has the most depth, but you aren’t even paying attention to that. You are more focused on the cringe-worthy bike crash scenarios and familiarity to bikes and traffic if you have lived in NYC for at least a year. This movie is non-stop action, and you will most likely find yourself gripping the seat for your life as if you were in the back of a NYC cab speeding down the FDR. Definitely a must-see, especially for those JGL fans.



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