Premium Rush

To what extent would you go for excellent customer service and a plea for help from your girlfriend’s roommate? Well in Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon Levitt goes that extra mile (ok, a few miles) for a seemingly normal bike messenger delivery until a mysterious (and very crooked) detective (played by Michael Shannon) tries to stop […]

Gridhouse (planet terror/Death proof)

  First thing is  first my name is Leslie Mesa.  I am  a new writer for the site and for my first review I’ll be writing about  Grind House. It is a double feature directed in part by Quentin Terentino , so you know it’s good. So the double feature consist of  two movies called […]

Project X

So is ridiculous and blatant disregard for any type of responsibility the new theme in movies? I guess so. But either way, this movie is one crazy and completely wrong every moment of its run. Two unknown high school students want to throw either other unknown friend an epic 18th birthday party when his parents […]


In this psychological thriller, Jill Conway (Amanda Seyfried) hunts down an unidentified man after her sister is abducted. Jill has an idea that the man who abducted her sister was the same man who abducted and attempted to murder her some time before. Jill goes to the cops who worked her case previously, but gets […]

The Adventure of Tintin

I haven’t grown up with the series but this movie surely has inspired me to read them. I’m in love with the style of mystery and adventure the story portrays. It also has a good balance of humor and suspense that keeps you tuned in. The story starts of with Tintin in  a market in […]

Little Big Soldier

So as of late I’ve spent quite a bit more time on netflix, particularly in the foreign films section. While searching i came across a true gem, a movie that i wanted to see but never got the chance to. This movie was  the film entitled Little Big Soldier. The movie came out in 2010, and […]

This Is Spinal Tap

So I decided to look up a oldie but goodie named This Is Spinal Tap, a mockumentary about a british rock band by the name of Spinal Tap and their rise and fall from stardom. This film takes all the cliches that a rock and roll band has ever been faced with and uses them as […]