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Red State

Red State is a film from 2011 that was directed by the well known Kevin Smith. If you’re not familiar with his name you are familiar with the well known comedic character he played and wrote named Silent Bob. Now that familiarity is cast aside i’ll get down to brass tax. This film is splendid. […]

The Avengers

Last Saturday i saw The Avengers, a movie that comic book fans such as myself have been waiting on for quite some time. I wont let this post be bias. My love for comic books did make this movie better for me, however the movie is , within itself, a masterpiece. Each scene was brilliantly […]

Safe House

This evening, I went to see Safe House. I’m still figuring out what happened. From the very start, I was very confused. There was no explanation of a few things, even after the movie concluded. The movie starts off with Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) , a rookie CIA agent who runs a usually desolate safe […]

Captain America

This movie is the first real attempt for studios to make a captain America movie. This movie starts off as a WWII-set movie about a scrawny, weak, but big-hearted kid who desperately wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Army and fight overseas during WW2. However he is met with numerous roadblocks […]

The Tourist

Here’s the set-up: guy meets girl, guy almost gets killed because of girl. In this basic storyline we see Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie) is being watched by the French Police, and gets a mysterious letter from an even more mysterious Alexander Pearce. She is told to get rid of the cops and take a train […]

The Princess Bride

In 1987, Director Rob Reiner’s film, The Princess Bride, was released to the big screen. This started a sort of cult-following of the film. The movie, which is based off a book with the same title, followed the story of the love between a farm boy and a beautiful girl. The movie stars Fred Savage, as […]