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The Muppets

This review will feature a film that came out late 2011. The Muppets, a film staring Peter Linz, Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and the Muppet cast, is a whimsical tale about a muppet thats trying to achieve his dreams, a brother trying to manage his relationships, and a young lady who doesn’t quite know where […]

The Avengers

Last Saturday i saw The Avengers, a movie that comic book fans such as myself have been waiting on for quite some time. I wont let this post be bias. My love for comic books did make this movie better for me, however the movie is , within itself, a masterpiece. Each scene was brilliantly […]

A Christmas Story

Most people love the holiday season because of all the beautiful, decorative Christmas displays in the stores, the christmas lights, the chance that it WILL snow on Christmas, and the general feeling of giving and love. And there is no better example of this love for Christmas than the classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Story. Originally, […]

Eight Crazy Nights

Yes, Hanukkah Harry, there is a Hanukkah Movie. Although I do love December because every channel airs classic holiday movies, such as A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, and It’s a Wonderful Life. But wait, what about Hanukkah movies? There really aren’t any besides Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights. The movie starts off as with Davey Stone (Adam […]

Easy A

Emma Stone gets an easy A for her brilliant performance as a teenager ridden with angst and turmoil due to a simple lie. With nods to Nathaniel Hawthorne and John Hughes, this film is a wonderful mix of comedy, coming of age, young love, and relevance. Emma Stone is fantastic as Olive Penterghast, a smart […]