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We Bought A Zoo

I went to go see this movie because the original movie we wanted to see was sold out. Turned out, it wasn’t the worst movie to see instead of my original choice. This movie was a good choice for a family-friendly outing (which it turned out to be with the rest of the audience). We […]

Easy A

Emma Stone gets an easy A for her brilliant performance as a teenager ridden with angst and turmoil due to a simple lie. With nods to Nathaniel Hawthorne and John Hughes, this film is a wonderful mix of comedy, coming of age, young love, and relevance. Emma Stone is fantastic as Olive Penterghast, a smart […]

Julie and Julia

In this delightful film based on the book, Julie and Julia, we follow the lives of two women: French-American culinary icon Julia Child (beautifully played by Meryl Streep), and Julia (played by Amy Adams), who is a young, married woman at a dead-end government job. The film goes back and forth between the two parallel lives of these two […]

Sex and the City 2

In the second installment of the Sex and the City franchise, the four best friends who appeared in the first movie and the entire 10 years of the show’s run on HBO travel away from the city and are thrust into the culture clash of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.  As the girls go away […]

The Princess Bride

In 1987, Director Rob Reiner’s film, The Princess Bride, was released to the big screen. This started a sort of cult-following of the film. The movie, which is based off a book with the same title, followed the story of the love between a farm boy and a beautiful girl. The movie stars Fred Savage, as […]


Coyote What?! Don’t be fooled by the storyline. Burlesque is not another Coyote Ugly. Although it does seem like a remake for the first half of the movie, then strays away, and blows Coyote Ugly out of the water.   The movie starts off with Ali (Christina Aguilera) a small-town Iowa waitress, who quits her job and moves to LA […]