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Wizard World Day 1

The first official day has started!!! Only a few hours in and we have already met Dean Cain and Lou Ferrigno. Both great guys and super nice!!! We briefly chatted with Lou about his role in “I Love You, Man” and Lou was really happy with the movie and is one of his favorite cameo roles. (Ours too, Lou!!!) we also chatted up Dean Cain about his movie “Operation Cupcake” with Kristy Swanson that airs Saturday, June 16th on the Hallmark Channel and we showed him a picture of a Superman cupcake that we had made for a friend’s party at the begining of the month.

Later we will chat with Sam Trammell and get our photo with him, and meet the famous Stan Lee. Tomorrow we will get to see Bruce Campbell and we will try and get him to spill on the upcoming season of Burn Notice ( one of Ashley’s favorite shows!!)

Also wanted to share a pic of an awesome headless horseWOman print we got from Tommy Castillo:


Pretty cool, right?

Also wanted to shoutout to our artist friend, Christopher Uminga, who we love. He made us a BANGING custom Sweeney Todd piece in watercolor:


We are also picking up 2 Star Wars prints from Chris later. One Ewok, one Princess Leia/Jabba.


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